International Offices

You work in an International Office of a foreign university and you are interested in the internationalization of teacher education at FAU or partnerships? Find all the important information and contacts here.


Teacher Education at FAU

FAU is one of the largest locations for teacher education in Bavaria and offers a wide range of subject combinations and teaching degree programs for primary schools, middle schools, secondary modern schools, high schools and vocational schools. The teaching degree program at FAU includes different curricular elements: subject-related studies, subject-related didactics, educational science, internships, a free area (in which students can choose teaching-related courses), and admission thesis. The FAU Center for Teacher Education (ZfL) serves as the central institution for information and advising on teacher education at FAU.


Internationalization of Teacher Education (“FAU Teacher Education International”)

“FAU Teacher Education International” is an FAU project funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with the goal of internationalizing teacher education at FAU. For this purpose, a complex internationalization strategy with various internationalization elements (mobilities, internationalization of the curriculum, internationalization at home, virtual mobility, promotion of the international profile of teacher educators) has been established in diverse areas of impact. The target groups of the measures are students and teachers in the teaching degree programs at FAU, as well as international students and teachers in the teaching degree programs at the partner universities and teachers in continuous professional development courses at FAU. A detailed description of the project and the project measures can be found here.

The project manager of “FAU Teacher Education International” is Prof. Dr. Anatoli Rakhkochkine.

If you have any questions about the project “FAU Teacher Education International”, please contact the project assistant Ms. Maren Hanneken.


Opportunities for cooperation and stays in studying and teaching at FAU

There are many opportunities to cooperate with FAU in the area of teacher education or opportunities for mobility.

  • cooperation through joint web-based courses
  • cooperations through joint mentoring of qualification theses
  • international mobilities for student of teacher education
  • international mobilities and guest lectureships of teacher educators


Students of teacher education interested in a stay (short or long term) at FAU can contact the FAU International Office for Foreign Affairs. Lecturers in the field of teacher education who are interested in a stay at FAU can contact the FAU Office for International Affairs for advice on guest lectureships from abroad.